Eight Great Baby Items!

So my baby boy is growing each day and I find that I am asked about baby products by friends and family.  Everyone always wants to know what you really need or what  you should get when you have a baby.  There are so many options these days, but I usually try to keep it pretty simple.  I don’t like a lot of stuff around the house or getting things that I don’t really use or need.  So, this post will be about my eight favorite baby items. Each of these items I use on a regular basis, usually every day.

1) baby wraps and carriers – I am all about baby wearing and I have learned that sometimes some carriers are better than others.  Also some are good at certain points.  So, I started with a Maya wrap and a seVen wrap.  When my baby was smaller these were great for shopping, around the house, everything!  The Maya brand is great for longer wearing because they have extra padding in the shoulder.  As, my son has grown these have been harder to use for long periods of time, such as shopping, long walks, trips to the zoo, etc.  Now I still use my wraps around the house, but I also purchased an ErgoBaby carrier.  These are a little pricey so check Craigslist or look for sales if you can!  They are worth the price though.  Since I have gotten my Ergo we have gone everywhere…to the airport, to the zoo, and on walks.  I didn’t have any issues carrying my son and mostly he just fell asleep.  He LOVES being carried in wraps and carriers.

2) Diaper sprayer – OK, this one is more for my cloth diaper users (and so is #3), but it is AWESOME.  One of my cloth diapering friends recommended I get one and it was definitely worth it.  It is easy to use and install…and my mother says it is a MILLION times better than the dunking method she used when I was a baby.  If you are going to cloth diaper a newborn, get a diaper sprayer!

3) BumGenius diapers – I may be a little biased on this one because these are the only brand of cloth diaper I have used, but I LOVE them.  They are so easy to use and we have not had any issues teaching family members to use them.  We have had a lot of family visit and stay to help since the baby was born and having easy to use diapers makes it easier for everyone.  We love them.

4) Moses basket – For those that don’t know, a Moses basket is a type of bassinet.  It looks like the basket Moses (from the Bible) was in when he was a baby. 🙂   Basically, I just think you should get a bassinet or something where the baby can sleep in your room and be easy to reach without getting out of the bed.  If you want to get any sleep with a newborn and you are breastfeeding, this is a must!  I would just roll over and pick up the baby, feed him, and put him back to bed.  I never had to get up or go to another room.  Trust me…get a bassinet (or something similar).

5) Pack-N-Play – I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this, but if you are living in a multi-level home these are AWESOME.  We have ours set up in the living room and ours includes a bassinet and a changing table.  This was great the first few weeks after he was born when I was tired and sore and didn’t want to go up and down the stairs to lay him down for naps.  If you live on one level you could get a pack-n-play instead of a crib.  Plus they are great if you have to travel and need a bed where you are going.

6) Bouncer – I specifically LOVE the Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer.  We received this as a shower gift and our baby loves it.  He actually didn’t like the swing that we had, but he LOVES the bouncer.  Plus since he is too small to bounce on his own, this bouncer is perfect right now.  Initially, I wasn’t sure that we would use or need this…but I use it DAILY.  It is great when I am cleaning or eating and just need a minute.  He doesn’t mind sitting for a little bit in this bouncer.

7) Swaddlers –  The Halo Sleepsack is a must!  We own two – a fleece one and a thinner one.  I could not get the baby to sleep through the night when I would swaddle him in blankets.  His hands would always get free and he would hit himself in the face and start crying.  He usually can’t get out of the sleepsack because it is made with velcro.  At first he struggles a little but then he falls asleep.  I really think the sleepsack is the only reason my baby began sleeping through the night!  I raved about it so much my mom bought one for a friend and she loved it as well.  She said it calmed her baby when he was fussy and helped him sleep longer at nap time.

8) Travel system – I know people go back and forth on whether these are worth the money.  I think if you pick a system that fits your lifestyle then they are definitely worth it.  I chose the Graco FastAction Click Connect Jogger.  I picked this stroller because I love to get out and walk/run.  This stroller is perfect if you want to do this with an infant.  The infant seat easily clicks into place for smaller babies, but can also be used when they get bigger.  We got two car seat bases for our cars and we move the car seat between the two cars as needed.  I did not realize how much I loved the base, until we went out of town and didn’t have one.  It makes it easy to just click the car seat in place, but the car seat can be used without the base.

So…these are my 8 favorite things!  I will continue to share as I learn more about being a momma!

Lots of love!

Kia Elise 04.27.14


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