Labor of Love

I know I took a brief hiatus from blogging, but I am back and I’m the mother of a healthy baby boy.  He was born three days after my due date and I ended up having a natural birth as I planned.

Although I had a natural birth, it was not exactly what I planned or expected.  I began having contractions on Wednesday night (Jan 29th).  When I got up Thursday the contractions continued throughout the day and we (my mother, husband, and I) headed to the hospital Thursday evening.  We arrived at the hospital and I was only 2 cm dilated!  They gave me some medicine to help me sleep, but when I woke up Friday my contractions had slowed and were 15 minutes apart.  My midwife came and checked me again and I was still 2 cm, so she said I could try to walk a little bit to try to get my labor started again or I could go home and wait for it to start back up on its own.  I decided to try to walk a little, so I began making laps around the hospital floor.  After a few hours she checked me again and I was only 2.5 cm!  I was so frustrated because I was ready to get the labor started.  My midwife said I had two options, I could go home and wait for the labor to start again or I could take pitocin to help start my labor.  I didn’t want to go back home, so I chose to take the pitocin.  I’m not sure if that was the best choice, but I wanted it all to be over.

The pitocin did speed up the labor and before I knew it my contractions were 5 mins apart.  They checked me again and I was 7-8 cm!  Next, the midwife said I could use the birth pool or get in the shower to relieve some of the pain.  They turned off the pitocin and I waited for them to get the pool together.  As soon as everyone left the room I felt the urge to start pushing.  My mom yelled for midwife to come back and she checked me again and the baby was coming!  It all happened so fast…about 4 hours for the whole process.  After a few pushes my baby was born at 5:20 PM on Friday.

DSC_0055        DSC_0072

My midwife was AWESOME and I made a great choice by choosing to give birth with that practice.  My mother and husband coached me through breathing and she focused me and helped me push the baby out.  The whole process was painful and overwhelming, but it all ended with my beautiful baby boy.

The things that I learned from my labor are that it is better to labor at home as long as possible.  At home I was more comfortable and less stressed.  Once I got to the hospital I didn’t want to stay there long, so I wanted the labor to happen as quickly as possible.  That made me rush the baby with the pitocin.  I honestly think my baby still would have been born Friday or Saturday if I would have stayed home.  The pitocin made my contractions come quickly and were very strong.  I don’t know what the contractions would have been like without the pitocin.

Also, I know everyone says this but, labor does not always go as planned.  I planned to use the birth pool and birthing balls, but that did not happen at the hospital.  I did use the birthing ball (exercise ball) at home.  Some things at home that helped with my labor were the birthing ball and massagers.  It helped to get up and walk around the house.  Breathing did help me and I was glad I had practiced breathing prior to my labor.  I also used a contraction tracker app to track my contractions.  There are several free ones in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

I packed quite a bit for my hospital bag and here is my list (I combined several lists that I found online):

Bag 1: For labor

  • toothbrush and paste, lip balm, deodorant, hair bands, soap, and lotion
  • prenatal vitamins
  • clothing for you (include slippers)
  • special laboring clothes (I used a shelf bra tank and hospital robe)
  • comforting items (kindle, magical beginnings, enchanted lives book (used at home), rice sock)
  • snacks (water bottle, juice/smoothies)

Bag 2: For partner

  • iPad, camera, charger
  • a folder to keep all paperwork safe

Bag 3: For after labor

  • pj shirt, pj pants, shelf bra tank, socks
  • sports bra black/nursing bra
  • a breastfeeding pillow
  • heavy flow sanitary pads (the hospital had these)
  • going home outfit
  • list of people to call, cell phone, and charger
  • camera
  • snacks (luna bars, protein bars)
  • going home outfit for baby newborn & 0-3 months (different sizes for outfits)  (Don’t forget socks or booties, hat, and mittens depending on the weather)
  • burp rags, blankets, onesies, baby lotion (the hospital had these)

Don’t forget to get the car ready:

  • old towels and garbage bags for easy clean up on the way to the hospital
  • install the car seat

The hospital will have a lot of the items you will need for the baby and for your recovery.

So far things have been going well and I can’t wait to share more about my life as a new mom, including cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and so much more.

Until next time,

Kia Elise 03.11.14


2 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. I love this summation of your organic and unique birthing process. It is nice to hear another perspective and positive attitude regarding labor and delivery. It is a great way to connect, through story-sharing. I know my nephew, is in the best care possible, with you & my brother! You all created a masterpiece 🙂

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