Nursery Fun!

I have made to 36 weeks and I am still feeling pretty good.  Time seems to be moving so quickly with the holidays, but I did enjoy the much needed time with family and away from work.  It was nice to sleep in for a few days. 🙂  We had a great Christmas and New Year!  Luckily we were able to spend Christmas with family, but I am excited to spend my next Christmas with our baby.


Sunday – Week 36

In the past two weeks I have packed my bag for the hospital, practiced breathing exercises, and purchased a few more baby items. We also completed everything for the nursery, so it is pretty much set up for our baby’s arrival.  I have also had two more appointments with my midwives and one ultrasound.  There was a little concern that my belly was measuring small, but the ultrasound confirmed that the baby was growing at the right pace.  He could possibly be close to 8 lbs at delivery, but we will see!

As promised in previous posts, this week I will share some pics from our finished nursery!

I wanted our nursery to be fun and colorful.  We also wanted to choose a theme that could be used again, so we didn’t choose anything that was too gender specific.

20131222_144540We purchased many of our items from IKEA and combined them with items we already had in our home.  The crib, I found on Craigslist, as mentioned in a previous post.  The bedroom set (twin bed, dresser and mirror) are part of a set (also includes a desk, chair and nightstand) I had as a child.  My parents bought us all really nice bedroom sets when we were little in hopes that we would be able to use them for our children.  Definitely a good idea if you can do this for your kids.

Since space is tight in our room we used a smaller nightstand that we had in another room.  Also we have a curved Poang IKEA chair, in our bedroom for now, that will go in this room.

Here are a few close up pictures of the room.

20131221_190002  20131221_190122

Over the crib we hung and adorable quilt that we received as  a shower gift.  The mobile and bedding for the crib are all from IKEA.  Of course, we won’t really be using the comforter until the baby is a little bigger. 🙂

20131221_190012    20131221_190111

I purchased a changing pad for the top of the dresser and we hung a shelf we already had on the wall to organize a few items.  I had a hard time finding a simple changing pad cover, so I ended up going with a jersey knit king sized pillowcase.  We added a great little organizer to the end of the dresser that we received as a gift.  The baskets on the shelf are from the Dollar store, which is great for getting all kinds of baskets for organization…at a GREAT price.

20131221_190020   20131221_190043

We bought a bedding set for the twin bed that matched the rest of the room, so all the room decor could grow with our baby.  Also, this room can still be used for visitors until we move the baby to his crib.  On the walls we hung a few pictures and our baby’s initials.  I also sat a Winnie the Pooh in his crib because I had one in my crib when I was born.  I hope he is a fan too!

I think the most important thing about a nursery is to make it fun.  We tried to do that with lots of colors, but by keeping it simple.

What are your nursery ideas?

Until next time!

Kia Elise 01.02.14


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