Getting crafty for baby…

I am now 34 weeks!  I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast and I only have about 6 weeks left.  This week we are still preparing for the holidays and our family coming to visit. Yea!  I also had my shower at work which was awesome.  They did a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, which turned out really well (picture below).  We received more gifts of much needed items for the baby, as well as gift cards to go shopping.  It was a lot of fun.

photo 1

So this past week we have been trying to really narrow down what all we need to do in the next few weeks.  Our list currently includes, finishing up a few small things in the nursery, packing our hospital bags, more breathing practice, purchasing the remaining items that we need, and making a hospital run.  This week, I decided to finish up a few crafts I had been wanting to get done before the baby’s arrival.

With the help of my grandmother, I was able to knock a lot of items I wanted to make down to just a few.  My grandmother made most of the items on my list and gave them to me at my first shower.  Her items included, cloth wipes, receiving blankets, blankets, towels, a bunting, and a diaper pad.  She was very busy!!!

So that only left me with four things I still wanted to try to tackle.  These items were booties/shoes for the baby, a rice bag for me to use during labor, a teether/rattle, and a few teething rings.  Most of these items I had heard about or saw on Etsy or Pinterest and thought they were cute.

First were the booties/shoes for the baby.  I saw some Kimono shoes on Home Spun Threads that I thought were cute and fairly easy (this site has some great patterns).  From the pattern they provide, I made a few pairs for the baby to hopefully wear in the first few months.  I think they are so much cuter than some of the shoes you can find in the store, plus I was able to make shoes to match some of the outfits we have for going home and maybe future outings.  If I like them once the baby arrives, I will definitely make more in bigger sizes.  For now, I stuck with 0-3 months and one pair of 3-6 months.

20131116_160109 20131215_194510edit


Next was the rice bag or rice sock, which is used like a heating pad.  To make this you can just use a tube sock and fill it with rice.  Then you place the sock in the microwave and it holds the heat.  I wanted to make mine a little cuter than a tube sock so I chose a fun fabric that I had and made a rice bag.



I then saw some teether/rattles on Etsy for sale that I thought were adorable.  Since they were for sale on Etsy, I didn’t really have a pattern for them so I just drew it on my own and made it based on the description they gave.  I like how they turned out and might make more if the baby likes them.  For now, I just made two.  They are supposed to look like a giraffe. 🙂  They have a bell on the inside so they make a little noise.



I also saw teething rings on Etsy and thought they were cute.  I did a little research and saw that moms raved about them saying they were great for teething babies.  I decided to make a few now while I was already sewing the other items.  I figured if the baby liked them I could make more. 🙂  They were very easy to make and I was able to find a pattern online to use.  I can’t wait to try them out!


Those are my most recent crafts.  In future posts I will share our nursery, prepping for the hospital, and anything else interesting I come across. 🙂

Until next time!

Lots of love,

Kia Elise 12.19.2013



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