Pregnancy Style

My pregnancy is moving right along and I am now 33 weeks!  I can’t believe it!  It has been moving so quickly and all is going well.  Since my last post I have had another prenatal visit, worked on the nursery a bit more and worked on a few crafts.  We have also celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and are now preparing to celebrate Christmas with my husband’s family.  It is great that everyone is willing to travel to us so we can still spend the holidays with family as my due date gets closer.

So, in this post I decided to share some of my pregnancy style.  I have been told several times that I look “cute pregnant” or that I “wear pregnancy well” and I have gotten several compliments on my outfits.  So here are a few tips I have found that worked for me.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on maternity clothing, since I knew most of it could not be worn after the baby was born.  I bought a few maternity pieces from Target and worked with the other items I already had.

Since I am still working I needed work appropriate outfits, as well as casual outfits.  I bought one maternity dress, borrowed another, bought one pair of maternity jeans, a long sleeved and short sleeved shirt, black dress pants, a black dress skirt and two belly bands (black and white).  That’s it!  Most of the items I bought were on sale and for the others I used coupons I received when I started my registry with Target.

Here are a few pictures of my outfits and what items I mixed and matched to make each outfit:


In this pic I was around 23 weeks and my outfit is a dress I found that was a little big on me, so I added a belt, scarf, and some flats.  This outfit contained no maternity items.


In this pic I was around 28 weeks and my outfit includes my maternity black skirt and long sleeved maternity shirt.  I also added a scarf (I LOVE scarves) and a white tank top.  I found some great long white tanks that I love to pair with my shirts.  They are cheaper than the maternity brand tanks and work just as well because they are still long enough to cover my belly.


This was taken at Week 29 and does not include any maternity items, except a belly band.  I paired a turtleneck that I had with another long tank, jeans, white belly band, and riding boots.  Plus I added a necklace.


This was taken during Week 30 and contains no maternity items.  I wore a stretchy skirt with a big button-up shirt and cardigan.  I love big button-up shirts and I happened to have this one in my closet, but you could probably get one from a husband, boyfriend, brother, male friend, or thrift store.  They are everywhere!  I also added a skinny belt above the belly and flats.


This was taken during week 31 and contains no maternity items, except a belly band.  I am wearing some stretchy jeans that I had and a belly band, plus I added two loose tank tops that I had and a cardigan.  I also added my black boots.


Week 32 – This outfit did not contain any maternity items.  It is a wrap dress, which I already owned and a long tank top.  I added some fun jewelry and red flats.


Week 32 – Here is that button-up shirt again!  I added a white tank under the shirt, a belt, and my maternity jeans.  I also added flats as well.

These are just a few of my favorite maternity outfits that I thought I would share.  What are some tips you have found for maternity apparel?

Hopefully, this helps others bring out their maternity style! 🙂

Until next time,

❤ Kia Elise 12.10.13


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