Can’t Pass Up a Good Deal!

Right now I am 23 weeks and 6 days!! Wahoo!!  Moving right along and feeling good.  I have been more active in the last few weeks and prepping for the new baby!  We are also in the process of moving, which is crazy I know, but we’ve had the time to get situated before the big move.  Plus, we will be moving to a place with more space, which is a plus! 🙂  I know I was supposed to be blogging more, but I am trying and hopefully will do better.  We will see in the coming weeks.

So for this blog I decided to focus on getting deals on baby stuff.  I know baby stuff can be pricey, which is part of the reason I am trying to get more neutral items so they can be used again.  Lately I have been stalking consignment sales and Craigslists for a few of the items I needed.  I still haven’t had my shower, so I didn’t want to get too much, but I was still able to get a few things that were not included on my registry.

I have always been a Craigslist girl because I like to reuse and be green when possible.  Craigslist is great for listing items and for getting items, usually for a great deal.  I recently discovered consignment sales, which are basically like big yard sales with multiple people selling items.  Some are more high-tech than others, but you usually get the best deals at the sales held at your local church. 🙂  Also, you can find deals on Freecycle which is a free recycling site.  I haven’t found baby items on Freecycle yet, but I have found and recycled items in the past.  I also check my job’s classified posts and have found a few deals there as well.

Some things I have learned from consignment sales are:

1) Try to get items that are easy to clean.  Washable covers and parts just give you peace of mind so that you know the items you will give your baby are clean and “like” new.

2) Try to go on half price day. This explanation is pretty obvious…of course you will get the best deal!  If the sale is local you might want to go on both days and purchase the items you really want or need for full price and come back for other items on half price day.  I have gotten some unbelievable deals at these sales (see below).

3) Local is better. Don’t venture too far from home for a sale.  You don’t want to pay too much in gas to go out of town when you don’t know if you will get anything at the sale.  I learned this quickly after driving far to a few sales only to walk away with nothing and feeling like I needed to buy something since I had driven so far.

4) Carry cash.  Although most large sales accept credit cards, you never know and don’t want to get stuck and not be able to purchase an item you really want.

5) Take a friend, hubby, boyfriend, partner, whoever…take someone!  They will help you carry your load.  I learned this one the hard way at the last sale I attended.  Since you never know what you will find at a sale, you don’t know if you will need help loading the car. 😉  If you have a friend with a big car/trunk…even better!

6) Check this site for sales in your area and start shopping!

Here are some great deals I found at my local sales:


This bouncer was $5, plus I got a swing for about $17 and a playmat for $15.

I was also able to get some great items through Craigslist.  With Craigslist you have to remember to be safe with your transactions.  Always take a friend or family member and try to meet in a public place to make the exchange.

Here are a few items I have gotten from Craigslist:

My crib which is the IKEA Gulliver Crib (sells for $129 at my IKEA) was purchased for $25 from Craigslist.

10.07.13 pt 3 GULLIVER Crib IKEA The bed base can be placed at two different heights.

I also purchased a Moses basket and stand for $35 and typically these sell for $35+ for the basket and $40+ for the stand.

10.07.13 pt 2

Freecyle is usually good for secondhand clothes and maternity clothes.  Also, occasionally people will offer great toys or other items.  You have to be quick on Freecycle because good items usually go quickly.

I hope to share more tips in future posts about green living and ways to save.

Love Life!

Kia Elise 10.07.13


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