Registries, Day cares, and a Birthday

In the last few weeks things have been moving along well.  As the title states, we have worked on registries, finding a daycare, and celebrating my sister’s birthday the last few weeks.

As I mentioned in my last post, we have been daycare shopping since July and we FINALLY found a daycare that we both liked for the baby. 🙂   We did visit several more before we found the one, which was recommended by a friend at work, but we love the one that we found and hope that it will work out for us.  We put down our deposit to hold our spot and are ready to go for next year. Yea!

In the last few weeks we have also been working on our registry.  We chose to register at Target, but we also have a few items on a IKEA list and on Amazon that weren’t available at Target.  Target gave us a cute gift pack for registering with them, which was nice (see photo).  We picked out a lot of items from a jogging stroller to diapers (doing cloth) to clothes.  We are planning on doing a gender reveal shower, since I didn’t want to know the sex and my husband did that was our compromise.  I have picked out a lot of gender neutral items for our registry, which I guess isn’t as popular as it use to be, because I have gotten many comments about it.  🙂  We plan to have more children, so it seems like the smartest thing to do in my opinion, but I think a lot of other people like to go with the pink or blue.


As I mentioned above, we also plan to do cloth diapers, which we have also gotten a lot of comments on.  Luckily, I have a friend that recently had a baby and is giving me the info on hers which has helped out a lot.  Being a mom that wants to be green, natural, and healthy is rough, but I think I have some good support which is great.  I plan to post more in the future about our green, baby life as we learn more.

I also went to my first consignment sales last weekend which was interesting.  I hope to find some good consignment shops in the area to get items, but I want to wait until after the shower to see what we really need.  I love consignment shops/sales and hand-me-downs!  The sales are great because they have everything for kids, the items are usually half off (or more) the retail price, and they are still good quality.  In my first sale I got a lot of cute items, mostly clothes, but great prices so I couldn’t pass them up. 🙂

This weekend I headed to Raleigh, NC to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  It was great to get to see her and her family and love on my adorable niece.  We had a great time going to dinner and to a comedy show.  The show was great and got me laughing, which is always good.

After all the travel, I was exhausted today, so I need to get my rest tonight.

Hope to write more soon and hopefully I will begin posting more frequently. 😉

Kia Elise 08.25.13


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