Baby Makes Three!

So I haven’t posted on my blog in FOREVER, but I’m back!  As you can tell by the title, we recently found out we are pregnant with our first child!  Wahoo!  So, all of my family and friends (who live all over the place) have been asking me to blog about my journey.  I did something similar for my wedding, so I decided why not.  So now my blog is taking a little turn to have more of a pregnancy/family focus, but still will cover healthy lifestyles!

So, I am currently 14 (almost 15) weeks pregnant!  Yea!  I made it past my first trimester…just barely!  I think there were several times that I didn’t know if I would make it.  I was exhausted and nauseous almost every day.  Not fun.  I don’t know why it is called morning sickness because I felt bad all day long.  Now, I am doing much better.  Pregnancy has been hard for me.  I was extremely active before I started feeling sick and now I am struggling to even make it to the gym.

Two days before I learned I was pregnant I had run my first half marathon!  Yep!  Crazy I know, but it happened and I was so proud.  I haven’t run in a month though and I am feeling a little down about that, but I keep telling myself that I will get back at it soon. 🙂

You might be wondering how this all began and what has happened it the last 14 weeks.  So here is a quick run down.

I found out I was pregnant at about 4 weeks when I came home from my half marathon in Chicago.  After taking a few tests, we had to be sure, we called our parents with the good news.  Next we began looking for a doctor and I found one and scheduled my first appointment, which was pretty much a waste of time because all they did was have me take another pregnancy test (not blood).  It was basically the same test I took at home and then a nurse talked to us for a few minutes and scheduled a few more appointments.

I decided then that I needed a new doctor so I started my search.  I was thinking I might go the natural route with my birth so, I began looking at practices with a natural birth focus and I found Intown Midwifery.  I went to their meet-and-greet and loved them, so now they are my practitioners and I haven’t regretted it yet.  They are awesome!  So since starting with Intown, I have had two appointments and two ultrasounds.  Everything looks great!  Other than appointments with the doctor I have been trying to get lots of rest and working on getting rid of my nausea.

We shared the news with more friends, family, and work colleagues at almost 13 weeks.  Check out our announcement!


The biggest thing we have been working on lately is childcare.  Both my husband and I work full-time, so we will be needing childcare after the baby is born.  We live in the East Atlanta area and we thought we were getting an early start by being our search when I was 12 weeks pregnant.  HAHAHA!  We thought wrong!  Affordable, good childcare in Atlanta is hard to come by!  My new least favorite words are “waiting list” because that is all that we hear!  Almost everyone has a waiting list and now I am to the point that I am a little suspicious when someone says that they don’t.  I begin thinking, what’s wrong with this place…is it safe…why aren’t people fighting to get their child in?  Our first visit to a childcare center was last weekend.  The center was great, but of course they had a waiting list.  They informed people that they might be able to get infants in for July 2014!  Several people there were visibly pregnant and I really felt sorry for them because I was thinking…you have NO CHANCE!  Someone asked the owner about getting a toddler in and it was almost laughable…she said they had no space.  The husband said, maybe we should just leave now…they should have. 😦

This week we have several promising places to visit, so we will see how it all goes, plus I have been in contact with a few people about a nanny share.  I didn’t realize this, but nannies have it pretty good in the East Atlanta area.  The pay is good and they are in high demand!

This weekend we also made a visit to one of my favorite places, IKEA to look at a few of their baby items.  We picked out a lot of items and have started our baby lists their and at Target. 🙂

That’s all for now, but more to come!

177 days until baby…

Kia Elise 08.04.13


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