Less Plastic, More Water!

I love finding items that help me live a healthier and environmentally friendly life.  I try to be green where I can, so my latest find has been awesome.  I have been slowly converting over to using glass items more for storing food and drinks.  Previously, I have had glass water bottles but I always bought one big one and used it over and over…washing it daily or switching between glass and other items.  One day my glass water bottle sadly met its end when I dropped it on a tile floor in my gym.  I was surprised that the actual glass did not break, but just the lid.  I was still sad, so I began my hunt for a water bottle solution. 🙂  I’m glad I did because I found my latest cool find.

I found these great glass water bottles that come in a six pack.  I’m sure other companies sell these types of bottles, but the ones I purchased were from Aquasana.  They currently are for sale for about $40 on their site and about $30 on Amazon.  Not a bad deal for six glass water bottles!  These water bottles have definitely been worth the money since I bought them.


I use them every day!  I keep bottles in my fridge, similar to how people keep plastic water bottles in the fridge to grab (see below).  Since I have so many of them I am able to always have them on hand when I am heading out the door.  They hold about the same amount of water as a regular size plastic water bottle, so you can still use drink mixes.  They are easy to clean with a bottle cleaner or in the dishwasher.


I take them everywhere now.  To the gym, to work, when I travel…and I am able to always have water available.  They are safe to refill with water from the fountain since they are glass, so they are great to have around for travel.  You can save a little money and use less plastic by ditching the water bottles you have to purchase regularly.

Let me know what you think!  I plan to share more cool ideas and finds as I come across them. ❤ Kia Elise 02.18.13


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