Rubber Duck First Birthday!

I recently celebrated my niece’s first birthday, which reminded me of my nephew’s first birthday a few years back.  My sister needed some help planning so I came up with a game plan for the big day.  The theme was Rubber Ducks!   This is a simple plan to celebrate a first (or second) birthday, for a boy or girl.

First, we did the invites.  We found a great and appropriate 😉 picture of my nephew laughing in the bathtub with his rubber duck.  We stated ” Child’s Name is all Quacked Up over his (her) First Birthday”.  I think I saw this wording on something else and thought it was really cute.  We put the party information below the picture.

For decorations, we got rubber ducks, which are found in a lot of stores.  You can get some special first birthday ones and some small regular ones as well.  We used light blue & light yellow cups, cutlery, and other items.  Most party stores or craft stores sell some great rubber duck items, but you can also purchase plain items and mix in the rubber duck items to save a little extra.  We also had a few balloons around.

We had one activity, since the kids were so small there wasn’t much to do.  We got a small inflatable pool and filled it with a few rubber ducks and balls (the type you get for a ball pit).  We added water, since it was a warm day, and let the children play.  We also had a bubble machine going to make it a “bubble bath”.  The kids loved it.  If your child’s birthday falls in the winter months or not on a warm day, you can always move the pool inside and lose the water.  The kids will love the “ball pit” even without the water.  I know my nephew loved it even before we added the water in.



For the cake, I made a rubber duck cake.  You can buy the molds to make this cakes from party stores or art/craft stores.  They are surprisingly easy to make.  We surrounded our cake with cupcakes with blue icing (water) and placed them in a bin.  These bins can be found everywhere.  I know stores like Walmart and Target always have them available.


We also made a shirt for the birthday boy with a duck on the front.  The shirt was an iron-on transfer that stated “birthday boy”.  Everyone loved the party and my nephew had a wonderful time with friends and family.  This is a simple party that was a big hit.  All the children went home with bubbles and a rubber duck of their own.

In a future post, I will share other birthday party ideas that were a success.  Enjoy! ❤ Kia Elise 01.28.13


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