DIY Your Wedding (Event) and Save!

I recently got married…Yea!  I was able to let my crafty side show by creating many of the items we used for our wedding, particularly at our reception.  I know weddings can be pricy, so it is great to find easy ways to save.  We had a theme for our wedding, which I might discuss in a later blog.  Our theme was centered around old jazz with a focus on jazz musicians from the 40’s and 50’s, mostly.

My first DIY for the wedding was the invitations.  These were a partial DIY because we ordered the design from (LOVE this site). We picked out a design that had kind of an older feel to it.  After that we ordered envelopes and printed the invites ourselves.  I loved how they came out.  We also included a sticker and ordered a pouchette for the invites from the same site as the envelopes.  I tied it all up with a little ribbon and we ended up with a custom invite for MUCH less than the ones from an invitation company.


Next I worked on some of the items for our centerpieces and decor.  We did unique centerpieces, with each table being different and representing a musician from the time.  I found items that were related to each person and included them on the table.  This involved a little bit of yard sale and thrift store shopping, as well as looking on craigslist, freecycle, and Amazon.  I also found a few items at Hobby Lobby (which always has great coupons).  I ended up using spray paint to make items the colors I was looking for, which was mostly red and silver.  I got some great letters from Hobby Lobby during a sale and ended up using them for my head table.

Wedding diy 2


To save a little bit on our head table and centerpieces we added six vases (three on each side of the LOVE in the center) to the head table for flowers.  Each bridesmaid placed their flowers in the vases during the reception, which gave them a spot for their flowers and also gave us flowers with a double use.  This was a cute and simple way to save a little extra on flowers.  For our seating, I made a seating sign versus doing seating cards at each table.  These signs are easy to create in Microsoft Publisher and then print for about $20 at any office supply store.


Another way to save is by choosing a great venue.  Since our venue had an older look, even without decorations we had little to do to make it fit with our theme.  Some times non-traditional wedding venues are a great way to save.  They can be cheaper than event centers and hotels, plus sometimes you can bring in your own food or drinks…which can help you save.  We used the food at our venue, but there pricing was great and so was the service.  Our location was an old theater, turned event location where local bands come to play.  It ended up being perfect for our theme and our needs.

Even your cake can involve a little DIY.  With our cake, we wanted it to fit our theme, but we also wanted to save…if possible.  We choose to do a smaller cake and cupcakes to cut back on some of the costs and be able to do multiple flavors.  I drew our design and made it very simple, which made it cheaper than some of the designs offered by the bakery.  We purchased our cake toppers when they were on sale and I purchased the small trumpet for the side from Amazon for a few dollars.  I loved how it turned out!

Kia & Beau Wedding Book

Some other ways to save are at the bar!  We really wanted to do an open bar, but that can be pricey depending on the liquor and choices you make.  We decided instead to do beer and wine with a signature drink.  We only covered alcohol to a certain point and then we switched to a cash bar.

These are just a few ways to save on your events and do a few easy DIY projects to help you save.  Enjoy! ❤ Kia Elise 01.23.13


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