What’s On Your Plate?

A recent find of mine is the Pepperplate website.  For all of those cooks or really anyone with recipes needs to check out the Pepperplate website.  If you have different pieces of paper or printed emails or recipe cards all over your kitchen, like me, you need to sign up for this site.

Pepperplate is a completely free website where you can store and organize all your recipes.  The site is great because you can either manually import recipes by copying and pasting or typing in the recipe details or you can import recipes from supported sites.  The supported sites include many of the popular recipe sites found online.  When you import recipes from supported sites Pepperplate pulls all the information from the site, including the picture.

pepperplate 2

Pepperplate basically will become your online cookbook of all your favorite recipes that you can access anywhere.  Pepperplate has free Apple, Android, and Amazon apps so you can access your recipes on your phone, computer, or tablet.  Another great feature of Pepperplate is the ability to scale your recipes.  No more calculations needed when you want to halve or double your recipes.  You can also use Pepperplate to share your recipes with others via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

I use Pepperplate for meal planning as well. The planner tool lets you plan your meals for the week and then make a grocery list from your recipes.  This free site is great and easy to use…it will also help you to be a little more green and ditch all the extra paper. 😉

Hopefully this site will help you to organize your recipes and make your meal planning a little bit easier! ❤ Kia Elise 01.21.13


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