Work it Out in the New Year!

I know in the new year a big resolution or goal for most people is getting into shape.  Everyone wants to lose weight or eat healthier or run a marathon or climb Mt. Everest…maybe not that last one, but probably some of the others. 🙂  I came across this great FREE website a while ago and I have telling others about it ever since, so for my healthy living post this week I will give you info about Sparkpeople! ( is a free diet and fitness website.  It is great for people at all fitness levels and very easy to use and setup.  I started using the program when I wanted to lose weight years ago, but I needed something inexpensive.  Sparkpeople develops free meal and fitness plans for you when you sign up.  Once you become a member, you will have access to a variety of nutrition and fitness tools.  When you sign up they set up your goals (want to lose X lbs by X date), your current information, how much you want to exercise a week, and what you would like to eat (vegetarian, no pork, no beef, etc.).  After you are all set-up you can begin using the tools that they offer.

Meal Planner/Tracker
One of the great tools they have is the meal planner or tracker.  Based on your preferences the system will develop a meal plan for you where you can swap out items or whole meals until it fits your needs.  Or you can use the meal tracker and just enter in the items you eat daily and the system will track your calories, fat, protein, etc.  This is a great tool so that you know what you are eating and where you need to cut back.  It is easy to use and almost every food you can think of is in their library which makes it very easy to track your food.

Fitness Tracker
The fitness tracker works similarly to the meal planner.  You can have the system generate a workout for you based on the equipment you have, amount of time you want to work out, and part of your body you want to work.  They have many workouts where you need little or nothing to do the exercises, other than your body weight, so they are great even if you don’t have a gym membership.  They also have a video library which includes many cardio and strength training videos (  These can also be tracked in the fitness tracker.  There is also an option to map walks/runs and track the calories you burn.


Source: via Kia on Pinterest

Sparkpeople also has an Andriod, Kindle and iPhone app, which was free at one time, but I believe now is available for a fee (  They also offer a recipe app for the SparkRecipe site (  These recipes can be imported into your meal planner.  You can also use this site enter recipes for food that is not in the meal tracker.  The SparkRecipe site is a great place to look for healthy recipes.

Overall I think SparkPeople is a great site to try before you pay money for another diet or fitness site.  What can it hurt, since it is free!?!?

Check out the site and let me know what you think!

❤ Kia Elise


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