New Year, New Blog

Hello everyone!

This is my first post from my new lifestyle blog.  I have been wanting to do a blog like this for years to share my thoughts, finds, ideas, and anything great I come across.  I like finding new ways to make life simple, which helps us all love life a little bit more.  With each post I will try to share food ideas, recipes, cool finds, crafts, healthy lifestyle tools and a few natural hair & life tips.

So…at the beginning of most years I set my goals for the year.  I say goals rather than resolutions because goals are an achievement towards something where you have a specific end or aim in mind.  Resolutions usually tend to be more something that you will or won’t do in the new year.  Sometimes they can be goals as well, but usually they are things people choose from the air on New Year’s Eve after a few glasses of wine (or other drink) and are usually lost within a day or two.  I use goals as a way to improve myself each year.  To do things that I have been wanting to do but haven’t set in stone how I will do it.  For my goals, I plan out how I will accomplish them, usually a month or so before the end of the year.

So here is my short list for this year, of course more can always be added:

    1. Purchase a home in 2013
    2. Consistently keep a Healthy Living/Lifestyle Blog
    3. Consistently keep a Photography Blog
    4. Improve my Spanish skills through Rosetta Stone courses
    5. Start keeping Blessing bags in car and bookbag (found this on Pinterest – see below)
    6. Exercise more regularly
    7. Begin running again, possibly complete a race this year
    8. Work harder at improving my photography

Source: via Kia on Pinterest

These are just a few things I plan to accomplish in the new year, but I hope I can do much more!  One way I keep track of my goals and ideas is through Google Docs (now Google Drive).  I use this to always have access to my thoughts ideas and plans.  I can set intermediate goals or steps to reach my goals and keep track of my accomplishments.  One of the hardest things about keeping goals is trying to tackle too much at once.  We all lead busy lives and it is hard to tackle something big and we get overwhelmed and the goal gets lost.  For example, I would like to improve my Spanish speaking skills.  By just saying this it is hard to see how I will accomplish this task and what my end reward will be, but if I say I will use Rosetta Stone so many times per week (and put it on my calendar) and next year maybe my reward will be to travel to a Spanish speaking country and use my new skills!

So, with all that being said…What are your goals for the year?  What would you like to change or do differently this year?  How can you improve your life or the lives of others?

Each new year, or really each new day, allows you to change, improve, or love your life and we should all reflect on that at least yearly.  I say do it as often as possible. 🙂  Hope you continue to follow my journey and find new ways to love the life you live.  ❤ Kia Elise


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